Zebra Delivery services provide extensive support to various businesses. If you run any type of product-based business, we have a range of deals and offers to benefit your operations. The transfer of goods, raw materials and equipment is a key part of any business operation. We understand that transport is crucial to providing a successful distribution channel for your business. Yet it can also incur significant costs. It is therefore critical for any business to handle this area with care. Zebra Delivery provides an efficient and reliable service for the safe delivery of your product to your customers’ doorstep, allowing you to invest more in other areas that will enhance your sales and efficiency. This will assist you in building a stronger professional reputation with your customer base, and assist the growth of your business.

We can assist you by connecting our API system to your website, eliminating the need to record deliveries every time. This is one way we can help streamline your business processes. Through our website, we also provide a separate dashboard exclusively to business clients. On top of these benefits, we offer fast delivery options to improve the efficiency of your business operations. And our instant quoting system allows you to easily find the best deals to suit your needs. All these features make Zebra Delivery an ideal partner to grow your business.

One of the many benefits of partnering with Zebra Delivery is that you only pay for the distance fee, with no added commissions. Our services are highly flexible, as deliveries can be arranged anytime from 8 am to 7 pm at your convenience. We know that everyone likes discounts. That’s why we offer a valuable percentage discount if you log 10 deliveries in a day. This makes our service even more beneficial for your business. In addition to only paying the distance price and no commissions, you also have the opportunity to receive a further discount

Partner with our rapidly growing driver network for your delivery needs

No Lock in Contracts

Don’t like being tied up with inflexible long term contracts? Not a problem. We offer a range of flexible delivery options that you can book as your needs change. Simply contact us to register your interest, and one of our team will be in touch.

No Hidden Commissions

If you run a business and wish to partner with Zebra Delivery for your delivery requirements, you only pay the distance fee. There are no hidden commissions or extra charges.

API Synching Feature

Connect our convenient API synching feature direct to your website, to assist with communications and ensure smooth business processes.

Easy Sign-up

Hate working through long and complicated sign-up processes? Relax. Simply register your interest, and a Zebra Delivery team member will handle the rest for you.

How Does Zebra Delivery Work ?


Sign up through our website or app and install the convenient Zebra Delivery app.

Place order via website or app

The customer places an order via the Zebra Delivery website or app.

Select time for delivery

The customer selects the required time for their delivery from multiple timed delivery options, including same day, 1 hour or 3 hour deliveries.

Order is delivered

The delivery driver delivers the order to the delivery address and receives a signature upon delivery.

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