Why drive with us?

Zebra Delivery offers flexible work options for anyone wishing to earn their own money and work when it’s convenient for your schedule. Becoming a Zebra Delivery driver is easy, with no lengthy contracts or drawn out recruitment process before getting a job. Simply register your interest, and our team will take it from there. Our processes and support make handling your deliveries easy, through a convenient app to notify you of deliveries to our API synching feature to assist with communications. We also provide prompt, weekly payments for your deliveries. Forget about waiting for a fortnightly pay cheque and working inflexible hours, when you can take deliveries when it suits you and get paid weekly.

Zebra Delivery is committed to the development of our driver team, including providing the best training, information and support. We make sure that as our business grows, our drivers grow with us. We provide a flexible and supportive work environment for you to manage your role and work-life balance. The best part about being a Zebra Delivery driver is that, as an independent contractor, you can choose to work when it suits you. Take as many deliveries as you want, when it’s convenient for you to work. Enjoy the freedom to work your own schedule, with the added backing of easy job notifications, information and support from the Zebra Delivery team.

Work When It's Convenient

Become a delivery driver for Zebra Delivery and enjoy the added benefit of choosing your own working hours to suit your lifestyle and other commitments.

Timely Distribution Of Salaries

Zebra Delivery ensure the timely distribution of payments, salaries and bonuses. We strive to ensure the best practice for the development of our drivers.

Friendly Service

Zebra Delivery provides a friendly, professional and functional work environment for our drivers and customers. This helps Zebra Delivery provide the best services possible.

Get Paid Weekly

At the end of each week, your earnings will be directly deposited into your account every week.

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